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Cora GlassCora Glass
22:45 06 Oct 22
I ordered a painting from Messy Ever After and it came well packaged and quickly. It’s beautiful and I love having the painting displayed in my home.
Momma DeaMomma Dea
21:45 06 Oct 22
Art that makes you go aaaaaahhhhhh. Colorful and fun!! I’ve purchased 8 of her paintings over the past two years. Always well packed and received quickly. Looking at her art on walls throughout my home, always makes me happy.
Bence SzabóBence Szabó
20:47 06 Oct 22
Loved the blog post titled "How to Define the Meaning of Your Art". It helped me so much, thank you!
S MarquisS Marquis
18:15 06 Oct 22
Open, honest and genuine best describes the artistic and written content Kelly creates. I highly recommend checking it out.
Kayla W.Kayla W.
17:00 06 Oct 22
Super Creative, talented and great to work with!


Thank you for enjoying what I do!

-MEA Kelly