Free Product Samples

Free Product Samples

Hey there!

Sometimes art supply companies are super awesome and provide free samples of their products for you to try out. I’ll update this list as I come across new opportunities. It’s a little sparse at the moment…

Winsor & Newton Professional 140lb. Cold Press Water Colour Paper

(Only available to Canada and US residents.)

If you would like to try Winsor & Newton’s Professional 140lb cold press water colour paper, just follow the link below and fill out the form!



5 thoughts on “Free Product Samples”

    1. Hi, I am so sorry, but I am not responsible for sending out these samples. I am simply the middle man.

  1. Dear MEA, Hi
    It’s pleasure reading your writing. Tell you the truth no one has ever impressed and inspired me as you have done. I have been a teacher and a messed up artist all my life. I work in so many mediums but never felt satisfied.
    You are my inspiration and I guess I have finally found a direction to keep going; all because of your work, videos, ideas, writings; specially those small clips with paintings.I have to thank you!
    Other question is how; having only two hands, do you manage all those to-do list on daily basis. I can wonder only! I hope you do sleep?
    And it’s your help that I have made my compressor as well as fine liner with 20 gauge needles. I also know, now, how to cap them so they keep working. Thanks again.
    I am, ultimately, planning to do exhibitions; solo or shared. Selling online from Pakistan is very difficult due customs and postal system. Pakistan is not listed on PayPal either, so all doors seem closed.
    Warm regards.

    1. Malik,
      I am so happy to know that my work has inspired you and motivated you. It is so hard to find our direction as an artist sometimes and it warms my heart to know I could help. haha, I promise I sleep, but my mind is constantly thinking of new things to try and do. The artist’s brain never turns off, but passion keeps us moving forward. I hope that you will be able to achieve your dreams in Pakistan. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be, but I wish you all the best!

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