Silicone Spray to Create Cells

Silicone Spray to Create Cells

I don’t like to mix silicone into my fluid paints very often, because I like to be able to control my paint with more precision.

When silicone is mixed into your paints before pouring, the cells that form can very easily become distorted if you move the paint around too much–I lack the patience required to spread the paint slowly enough to keep the cells intact.

Most of the cells you see in my work are either formed by the varying viscosity of the paints I use, or the silicone spray I apply AFTER I’m done manipulating the paint. Like this:

As you can see in the video, the cells are little baby cells. Not the dramatic large cells you get when mixing silicone directly into your paints.

What will you need?

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You will need a spray bottle with a fine mist, not something that squirts a stream. The bottle I use came with some random art supplies kit I bought years ago, so I can’t link the same product. BUT, Amazon helped me out, and after reading a bunch of reviews, this product seems adequate: No guarantees. I have not tested it.

You will also need 100% silicone and rubbing alcohol.


  • Small spray bottle with a fine mist
  • 1/3 100% Silicone-
  • 2/3 Rubbing alcohol/Isopropyl alcohol (cheapest in drug stores or places like Target. Doesn’t really matter what strength you use. mine is 70% at the moment.)

Mix the silicone and alcohol together and shake vigorously before each use. I recommend spraying once or twice on a test surface before moving to your painting.

When I use this, I just do one spritz. Maybe two if the canvas is larger. You can watch the cells slowly start to form like magic!


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