An Origin Story

Messy Ever After began in 2014 as a Blogspot blog, and you can actually still find it here. On September 3rd of 2014, I wrote my first post called “Maybe This Time it Will Stick”. You see, I’d been really great at not sticking with one thing for too long. Messy Ever After came to be because I had too many interests, too many hobbies, too many curiosities, and I seemed to bounce around from one to the next. I lacked discipline and direction, but most importantly I lacked purpose.

I didn’t stick with that blog, but Messy Ever After stuck with me and now it has evolved into something much bigger than random craft projects. It’s fair to say I found my direction.

Through every creative experience in my life, I finally found a purpose for it all and it’s to connect with other creators. I want this to be a resource for creators at any level. You’re not alone in the wonderful, frustrating, confusing, fulfilling, maddening journey of creativity. Though the main focus of the content here is fine art and running an art business, I also write about mental health and creative wellbeing. Whatever falls under the umbrella of creativity is fair game. I hope you find something useful while you’re here.


PS–I do sell art too 😉

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