About Messy Ever After

IMG_5368 (2)

My name is Kelly and I make messes.

(And occasionally pose for super serious photos. What am I staring at with such a piercing gaze? Probably the bird poop splattered on the side of my house.)

I kind of feel like I’m making a confession here, but for those who know me well, it’s no surprise that I am a messy human. Most of my clothes have paint splatters on them. I manage to dirty just about every dish in the house when I cook. And my hands often look like this:

DSCN4035 2This wasn’t staged. My hands actually looked like this after starting two paintings. Happiest little photo-op ever.

So what’s Messy Ever After all about?

Messy Ever After is my baby. My frustrating, wonderful, possibly cute only to me, baby.

The birth of Messy Ever After began when I couldn’t figure out how to connect all of my random creative pursuits. I wanted to have a place where all my creations could exist. On Messy Ever After, you will find art, jewelry, tutorials, random house projects, homemade beauty products, and whatever else I seem to be obsessed with for a moment.

I’ve been making a lot of good food lately–I should make a recipe section. (Update: Mission accomplished. Check out ‘Edible Masterpieces’ under ‘Topics’)

But Kelly, there aren’t many blog posts on here.

Correct. Most of my creations are on my other blog at the moment…but in the spirit of starting fresh, I will not be transferring them to this site. But, if you are interested in tutorials, projects, and crafty bits circa 2014, follow this link:


Now, for the posts that are on this site, please direct your attention again to the section labeled ‘Topics’. That’s where I’ll put the good stuff.

So what are you? Artist? Blogger? Crafter? Renaissance soul? Freeloader?


Are you going to try and sell me something?

Yes, but only if you actually want to buy things.

I also sell my art. You can check out my online store to view available pieces.

But mainly, I’m trying to sell myself as a socially relevant human being while I hide my awkward introversion. Is it working?

Where can I find more?

I’m SO glad you asked!

You can follow me on Instagram. @MessyEverAfter for artsy things and @M.E.A.Jewelry for–well–jewelry.

I sometimes make videos on YouTube.

You can also follow Messy Ever After on Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Annnd, I think that’s about it for now. Take a look around!