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Yes. I track, collect, and sometimes store your data. Here are the details on what I track, collect, and handle when it comes to your data. And it’s in plain English, because aren’t you tired of Privacy Policies that need lawyers to translate them?

What I collect and why I collect it:

  • Form data (Google Forms and Embedded Forms)
    • I use forms for giveaways, surveys, questionnaires, and inquiries. It’s how I can learn more about you.
  • Shop orders
    • If you purchase an item through my store, I collect your name, address, payment details, and additional notes you may have entered in order to fulfill your order.
  • Email addresses for my mailing list.
    • If you are interested in my mailing list, I collect your email so I can add you to the list.
  • Website Traffic
    • I use Google Analytics to monitor my website traffic. Users are anonymous. I cannot see who you are, but the analytics allow me to see where you are, what browers/devices you are using, how long you stay on my site, which pages you visit, etc.. All of this allows me to see if people are actually visiting my site and what content is most popular.
  • Affiliate Partners
    • I participate in affiliate programs to earn commissions from purchases you make through product links on my website. Products purchased through these programs are tracked to calculate commissions, but user information isn’t shared with me.

How I store your data:

  • Personal contact information and payment details for orders, invoices, and any financial transactions are stored on the platform used to process your payments, on Shopify (my online storefront), and on my secured work devices for tax and record-keeping purposes.
  • Your anonymous website behavior is stored on Google Analytics.
  • Your email address (if subscribing to my newsletter) is stored on MailChimp.
  • If you have filled out a form on my site, the entry details are stored on Google Drive if it’s from a Google Form and on my mail server if it’s from an embedded form on my site.
  • Your anonymous affiliate link purchase details are stored on the CJ Affiliate servers and Amazon servers.

Who I share your data with:

  • When you purchase an item through my store or win an item through a giveaway, I share your name and address with shipping providers or partners to complete the order.
    • I do NOT share your personal data (name, address, payment details, email address) outside of this scenario.
  • In some situations, I may share cumulative website traffic data from Google Analytics with partners to evaluate marketing strategies.

Affiliate Links, Product Recommendations:

I participate in a couple of Affiliate programs that allow me to make money off of purchases you make through the links in my blogs at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products that I genuinely enjoy using. I can see what has been ordered through my affiliate dashboards to track commissions, but I do not have access to your personal data when purchases are made.

    • Amazon- I am an Amazon Associate. If you follow an Amazon product link through my site and make a purchase I will earn a commission on your total purchases.
    • CJ Affiliate – I am able to offer links to Dick Blick through this program. If you follow a Dick Blick link through my site and make a purchase within 24 hours of clicking the link, I will earn a commission.

Artist and Community Shout Outs/References:

Through my blogs and consulting page, I reference other artists and members of the art community to give praise, start a conversation, publish reviews, etc. Usually by linking to an outside Instagram account.

Please email me at if you are referenced on my website, but would like the reference removed.


If you visit my website, you consent to have your data tracked through Google Analytics. If you fill out a form, subscribe to my mailing list, make a purchase, click on affiliate links, etc., you give permission for your data to be used in the ways described above. If you click on affiliate product links, you consent to have your data tracked in the ways above to fulfill commissions.

How to withdraw consent and use of your data:

  • If you do not want your data tracked through the use of cookies, you can disable cookies through your browser, or refrain from visiting pages on (This would affect Google Analytics tracking data.)
  • If you do not want your name, address, email address, or payment details stored, then do not make a purchase through my store, fill out any forms, or subscribe to my mailing list.
  • If you do not want your purchases to be tracked by the affiliate programs I participate in, then do not click on the product links, recommendations, or ads contained on the Messy Ever After site.
  • If you want your email removed from my mailing list, click “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of the last email you received.

If you do not want your information to be handled by me anymore, please email me at .

Terms of Use

I want to continue doing what I am doing and provide content that you enjoy. In order to do that, there are a few simple things that you must agree to in order to access the content on this site. If you do not agree to the terms outlined below, then please exit the Messy Ever After site.

  • You agree not to blatantly copy any of the content on this site. (Blogs, writings, reviews, photos, artwork, etc.)
  • You agree not to use any of the content on Messy Ever After for financial gain in personal or commercial settings without explicit approval from me.
  • You agree not to try and rip off the Messy Ever After branding, logo, or name.
  • You agree not to do anything deviously nerdy like hack or intentionally mess with the functionality of this site.
  • You agree not to spam the site. For example, entering false information into forms, or using post comments inappropriately.
  • You agree to be awesome and celebrate art and you agree to believe in yourself as an artist 😉

All content is subject to change.