Air Compressor Alternatives

Air Compressor Alternatives

Want to try out my method of blowing paint around with an air compressor, but are you too cheap to buy one?

Look at how fun that is:

I have two solutions for you!

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  • A straw and good set of lungs.
    • My lungs are tiny and I got lightheaded very quickly using this method. I do not recommend using on large canvases.
  • Cans of compressed air.
    • These are great to test this technique, but can be wasteful if you start using a lot of them. I bought a two pack and was onto the second one by the time knew I needed an air compressor.
    • The cans can freeze your paint if you use them too long, and spray too close to the canvas

Other alternatives that I have considered but did not test:
  • A foot pump for bikes or inflatable toys. (Could work, but you will have a hard time getting a consistent and prolonged stream of air.)
  • A compressor for air brushing (I did not test this, because after reading the max PSI, I assumed there wouldn’t be enough pressure to achieve the results I wanted.)
  • An electric air pump (I fear the same situation as the air brush compressor. Not enough pressure.)


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