Air Compressor Alternatives

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Want to try out my method of blowing paint around with an air compressor, but are you too cheap to buy one?

  • A straw and a good set of lungs.
    • My lungs are tiny and I got lightheaded very quickly using this method. I do not recommend using on large canvases.
  • Cans of compressed air.
    • These are great to test this technique but can be wasteful if you start using a lot of them. I bought a two-pack and was onto the second one by the time knew I needed anĀ air compressor.
    • The cans can freeze your paint if you use them too long, and spray too close to the canvas

Other alternatives that I have considered but did not test:
  • A foot pump for bikes or inflatable toys. (Could work, but you will have a hard time getting a consistent and prolonged stream of air.)
  • A compressor for airbrushing (I did not test this, because after reading the max PSI, I assumed there wouldn’t be enough pressure to achieve the results I wanted.)
  • An electric air pump (I fear the same situation as the airbrush compressor. Not enough pressure.)


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