Winsor & Newton Water Colour After Effects Gift Collection Review

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Recently, I have been practicing watercolors quite a bit. Watercolors are almost magical in their possibilities. They are a challenge to master, but are so fun to play with! I was introduced to the Winsor & Newton Water Colour After Effects Gift Collection a couple of months ago, and it has opened up the creative possibilities even more! 

I am obsessed with creating intricate fine lines and using shimmery metallic supplies in my art, and this collection is perfect! If you work with watercolors and want to give your pieces an extra bit of sparkle power, this is the collection for you. It would also be a perfect gift for the art lovers in your life!

What’s Included:

You can buy all of these items separately through the links above, or purchase the complete gift collection from Amazon!

Metallic Markers

The markers have tips on both ends to offer both medium and fine lines. They are super smooth and opaque when layered over dry watercolors and the pigment-based ink ensures long-lasting, lightfast creations. (As opposed to dye-based inks that fade more easily when exposed to UV light.)

I loved the application of the markers, but I must admit that I wasn’t as excited about the metallic finish. It has much more of a subtle glow than a dramatic shimmer. If you are looking for something with more shine, you will love the next products.

Gold and Silver Drawing Inks

Formulated with soluble dyes in a superior shellac solution, these inks can be applied with a brush, calligraphy pen, or even an airbrush. I use a brush and my Speedball Calligraphy pen to apply the ink and I was so pleased with the end results. 

Always make sure to stir the ink before using to get the best metallic finish. The application is smooth, and the ink dries quickly without losing any shimmer.

Iridescent Medium

This iridescent medium gives a perfectly pearlescent finish to watercolors. You can mix the medium into your wet colors, or apply as a wash over the dry colors. You can also use it with the metallic markers to get the glittery finish I was originally hoping for! The iridescent medium, like the rest of the products in this collection has a really smooth finish.

Art Masking Fluid

Art masking fluid is a rubber latex liquid that is used to protect areas of your paper from color while you paint. I was least certain about how I would like this product, but I just loved the magic it worked by keeping areas of my paper completely free of color.

I applied the fluid with a brush, but I have also seen people use a Fineline Precision Applicator to get a more precise application. You can see from the video that it peels off easily and leaves no residue behind. If you were one of those kids that put Elmer’s glue on your hands in school just to peel it off, you’re going to love this product. (*cough* weirdo *cough*)


I love the Winsor & Newton Water Colour After Effects Gift Collection. I’ve always been the type of artist that likes to buy kits of supplies to test out before making a decision on the products I like, so this was perfect!


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