Most Common Questions About My Art Supplies

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I’m going to get straight to the point here. You have questions about my art supplies? I have answers.

“What’s that paint pen you use?”

Fineline Precision Applicators- 1 inch tip, 20 Gauge Blue Cap (Amazon or Blick Art Materials)

“Where can I get shorter pen tips like yours?”

1/2″ Replacement Tips- Luer Lock (Amazon)

Blog posts with more details on the paint I use, replacement tips, and general advice: The Last Paint Marker You’ll Ever Need, Replacement Paint Pen Applicator Tips

“What’s that scraper thingy you use to spread paint?”

Princeton Catalyst W-06 Wedge (Amazon or Blick Art Materials)

“What varnish do you use?”

Liquitex High Gloss Varnish (Amazon or Blick Art Materials)

Blog posts with more details: How I Varnish Acrylic Art

“How do you make your backgrounds?”

I made a tutorial video a while ago! This should answer most questions you have about this particular style of mine.


Let me know if you have questions! If you enjoy learning about the supplies I use in the studio and want to know more, let me know through Instagram or Email.