A Collection of Instagram Tips for Artists

 A collection of resources for Fall 2018

As a full-time artist, I am constantly trying to figure out ways to promote myself. This morning, I went down a Google rabbit hole and found a couple of articles on Instagram for 2018 that I hadn’t read yet. (Considering that I was busy trying to sell my house and move to California when they were published it makes sense I missed them.)

Both of these articles come from the Later blog, which is an awesome app for scheduling your social media posts. I don’t personally use it at the moment, because I usually post content from my studio each day instead of scheduling things in advance, but it’s still a great tool.

After reading both articles, I figured I should share them with you and add a bunch of other useful info I’ve written to help you succeed as an artist on Insta.

Articles to read:

Later-The New Instagram Algorithm  – This article does a great job of detailing exactly how the new algorithm works and goes over some of the common rumors floating around (shadow banning, using the same tags over and over again, business accounts getting hidden in the feed, and more).

Later- 5 Exciting Instagram Updates Coming in 2018 – The name kind of says it all, but if you are one of those people who loves to try new things and have fun with the apps you use, then give this article a read.

A year ago…

I have been tracking my Instagram growth since it started blowing up September of 2017. I literally had 300ish followers on September 15th. Today, I have 63,500. In one year. Without spending money on bots, advertisements, or anything like that. Holy crap, right?

Since I am addicted to the high of getting new followers and social engagement, I have worked very hard over the last year to make sure my account continues to grow. And it does. I get at least 100 new followers a day. And instead of being a turd and just rubbing my success in your face, I also work hard at trying to help other artists get the same level of exposure.

Which is why I’m writing this. I don’t know what the next year will look like for you, but if a dysfunctional, kind of unlucky weirdo like me can make something like this happen–well then I say your potential is limitless.

I’ve written a lot of blogs over the last year, and I repeat some of the same info, but continue on to read my current tips and past writings to help give your Instagram account a boost.

My Basic Tips for Growing your Instagram Account for Fall 2018:

1. Focus on creating great content.

I’m serious. This is the number one thing you want to figure out.

I’ve said this over and over again. It doesn’t matter how much exposure you get. If your content is lacking in quality, followers aren’t likely going to stick around.

2. Put in the work.

How many times have people tried to sell you something to make your dreams easily come true? Do those things actually work? Unlikely. You have to put in the work.

Chasing dreams is really fricken hard. I want to give up a lot. Even now. People will try to dangle shortcuts in your face, but they are focusing on their own marketing plans and don’t really care if you succeed (Instagram bots, paid promotions, content sharing accounts, etc.).

Disclaimer: Maybe those shortcuts work. Honestly, I’m too poor and stubborn to spend money on those things and what I’m doing works–sooo do with that what you want.

3. Have Fun!

You are an artist. You get to play with art supplies! Life is pretty great when you can have the luxury of doing art. Focus on your passion and don’t forget your reasons for creating. (Maybe read reasons not to be an artist and are you forcing yourself into an art business before you’re ready if you’re not sure what you’re doing or why you’re doing it.)

Mainly, don’t take things too seriously. If you are starving and your life depends on making an art sale, then I do suggest finding an alternative source of income. If scrolling through Instagram is constantly making you bummed out, then stop doing that. Don’t let your art goals suck the life out of you. And don’t let social media take the fun out of creating.

Your mental health matters way more than the number of followers you have.

4. Give me your money.

How’s that for a sales pitch?

Unlike the bot services and paid Instagram promotions, I actually care about you as an artist. So, if you ever want one-on-one advice on how to refine your brand, grow your account, and communicate with your audience then I’m your girl.

I offer an Instagram review package where I look over your account, give you feedback on areas you’re killin’ it in and areas that need improvement, provide specific advice on hashtags for your niche style, advice on captions, posting frequency, photo compositions (lighting, staging, etc.), community interactions, profile aesthetic, biography tips, and more. If you’re interested, definitely let me know.

I can’t physically give you more followers, but I can help give you direction. And, if I don’t think I can help you, I won’t take you on as a client. I don’t want your money if I can’t do anything for you.

5. Read these other posts:

I’m serious when I say I want to help other artists find success. Growing your organic Instagram following is a great way to get art sales. I’ve put in countless hours growing my own following AND writing these blog posts for you guys.

If you are determined to put in the work and grow your Instagram following, these posts are for you.


And that’s all I’ve got for you today.

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